News: Swatch Fall Winter Collection 2013 – NATO-inspired straps and faux tortoiseshell

Swatch has just unveiled its 2013 Fall Winter collection. All quartz but some interesting.

Swatch Fall Winter Ivy League

I typically don’t feature quartz Swatch watches (I made exceptions for the iconic Jellyfish and the poulet de Genève), but the two lines from the Fall Winter 2013 collection caught my eye. The first is the Ivy League, which is fitted with striped canvas straps, obviously inspired by the recent proliferation of NATO-style straps on all sorts of watches.   The other are the faux tortoiseshell of the Les Annees Folles line. These are ladies watches but they have a striking retro look.

Les Annees Folles

Like nearly all Swatch watches these are fashion accessories, and essentially disposable, but they are affordable. No word on pricing of any of these yet but these will be in the usual Swatch price range of US$100-150. – SJX

Generation 27
Late Night Glam
Les Annees Folles
Soul Press
Swatch Touch 
This Moment
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