News: Children of the Vallée de Joux visit Jaeger-LeCoultre – and envision the future of watchmaking

As part of its 180th anniversary events, Jaeger-LeCoultre invited sixth graders from schools in the Vallée de Joux to visit its manufacture in Le Sentier.

Applying circular graining to a base plate

During the visit the children got to meet the craftsmen of the manufacture, and even tried their hand at applying perlage to a base plate. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s objective was to allow the children a peek into what is one of the largest enterprises in the valley. Jaeger-LeCoultre takes its social responsibility seriously, for besides hosting students, it also makes its own honey

The children were also asked to imagine the watch of the future, and to put their idea to paper. Digital watches, a guardian angel watch and a football watch were among the results of these fertile minds. Intriguing as the drawings are, some of them look more suitable for other watchmakers in the Vallée de Joux. Perhaps one of these watches will be a landmark wristwatch, the Gyrotourbillon of the future. – SJX

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News: Vacheron Constantin “Les Sons du Temps” – 200 years of striking watches on show at Geneva boutique

Vacheron Constantin just opened Les Sons du Temps, an exhibition of striking watches in its Geneva boutique, encompassing vintage pocket watches and even the Tour de l’Ile grand complication.

Vacheron Constantin ref. 10968, c. 1955 – minute repeater in platinum

Opened at the end of May, Les Sons du Temps, or the “the sound of time”, is dedicated to Vacheron Constantin’s history as a maker of striking watches. The earliest timepiece on display is a quarter repeater dating from 1812. Another highlight is the grand complication with grande and petite sonnerie, made for the famed American collector James Ward Packard of Packard automobile fame.

Ref. 11527, c. 1918 – Pocket watch, grande and petite sonneries, quarter and half-quarter repeaters, 30 minute-counter chronograph, 20K yellow gold. White enamel dial. This piece was a special order from the famous American collector James Ward Packard.

The exhibition runs until 31 January 2014 (which means those attending SIHH 2014 can visit) at the Maison Vacheron Constantin, located on 7 Quai de l’Ile, 1204 Geneva.  Guided tours will be provided and the exhibition is open to the public. However, viewing is by appointment only and can be arranged by ringing the boutique at 022.930.20.05. – SJX

The oldest timepiece on display: ref. 10302, c. 1812 – Pocket watch with quarter repeater, rose gold, white enamel dial.
Ref. 10156, c. 1909 – Pocket watch, chronograph with minute counter, alarm, day, date, phases of the moon, 18K yellow gold. Silvered dial. Owned by the Sovereign of Punjab, Sir Bhupindra Singh Maharajah of Patiala.
Ref. 10207, c. 1816 – Pocket watch with carillon, rose gold with gold dial.
Ref 10651, c. 1897 – Pocket watch, minute-repeater, gilt brass. White enamel dial.
Ref. 10715, c. 1827 – Pocket watch, grande and petite sonneries, quarter-repeater, 18K pink gold. Silver dial.
Ref. 11264 1901 – Hunting-case pocket watch, 5 minute-repeater, chronograph, perpetual calendar, 18K yellow gold. White enamel dial.
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