Baselworld 2013: MB&F MegaWind – the HM3 re-engineered (details and price)

MB&F announces the MegaWind – this is the HM3 upgraded. It now has a larger rotor and more importantly, a more legible, rotating-disc time display.

The best selling Horological Machine according to MB&F has been revamped. Though still easily recognisable as the HM3, the MegaWind has two key differences, and one less obvious one. Most practical of the changes is the new time display. Drawing inspiration from the bug-eyed HM3 Frog, the MegaWind has a fixed pointer which indicates the time on two revolving cones made from razor-thin aluminium. 

The time reads 8:45.

The first HM3 had fixed cones and a revolving hand to indicate the time, which made reading the time difficult. In addition to the new time display, the MegaWind has an enlarged mystery rotor, which now extends well over the edge of the Girard-Perregaux 3100 base movement. Made from titanium with 22k-gold, ‘battle-axe’ shaped weights, the size of the rotor means the HM3 no longer has a date function, which is the third difference with the original HM3.

The oversized battle-axe rotor

Available in white or rose gold, the MegaWind is only available in the Starcruiser format with the crown at 12 o’clock, unlike the first HM3 which was also available as the Sidewinder with the crown at nine o’clock. The MegaWind retails for the same as the previous HM3, at CHF79,000, or about USD85,000. – SJX

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