Hands-on with the Urwerk UR-210 (with live photos and pricing)

The Urwerk 103 was an Art Deco 1930s vision of the 21st century, and this, the recently unveiled Urwerk UR-210, is a 21st century vision of tomorrow.  Compared to all preceding Urwerk watches the UR-210 has a more angular shape, one that is immediately reminiscent of a Lamborghini or the Tumbler from Batman (especially the black AlTiN version). 

Urwerk UR-210 in steel and titanium

The UR-210 is still obviously an Urwerk, but it is significantly different in terms of design style. Preceding Urwerk watches had more rounded shapes, akin to a space craft that comes in peace, rather than a menacing ship that has come to invade. Compare theUR-210 to the brand’s next most recent wristwatch, the UR-110 Torpedo, for instance. And the size of the UR-210 exaggerates the aggressive styling of the case; the watch measures 43.8 mm wide by 53.6 mm long, and 17.8 mm thick.

Large as it is, the case is well made, especially given its complex lines. A particularly attractive detail is the polished bevel around the opening for the sapphire crystal.

Notice the polished bevel around the sapphire crystal

The UR-210 is the latest generation of the brand’s trademark satellite cubes concept which started with the Harry Winston Opus 5.

Urwerk has gone back to the retrograde minute hand that was first used for the Opus 5 for the new UR-210, and most recently seen on the massive UR-1001 Zeit Device pocket watch. (You can find a video of the UR-210 in action at the bottom of this post.)

The sandblasted aluminium minute hand
Beneath the minute hand sits the cylindrical, tensioning spring

Though the large, retrograde minute hand – made of aluminium and weighing just 0.302 g – is the most apparent change from the earlier series, the UR-210 has a couple of other new features.

The winding efficiency indicator

One is the winding efficiency indicator at 11 o’clock. This displays the “difference between the consumed and generated energy of the mainspring”. Basically it indicates how inactive the wearer is – novel but slightly frivolous. Opposite at one o’clock sits a conventional power reserve indicator.

On the rear sits the control board of the watch, with the turbine automatic winding visible. The winding can be set with the dial below the turbines, depending on the wearer’s physical activity. Aside from the steel version pictured, the UR-210 is also available in AlTiN coated steel.

UR-210 AlTiN

The AlTiN version is definitely more striking, especially with the polished perimeter around the sapphire crystal that highlights the mechanics, but the steel versions shows off the finish and shape of the case far better. Though this is an incremental improvement, rather than something truly innovative, it nevertheless is an attractive product that strongly keeps to the Urwerk aesthetic and philosophy. The retail price is CHF137,000, or about SGD245,000. – SJX 

The massive crown that is characteristic of Urwerk

The Urwerk UR-210 in AlTiN coated steel

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