Watch of the day: Nomos Ludwig Oberlehrer

Nomos makes honest watches – honest quality and honest price. I like them; the recently launched Ludwig Oberlehrer limited edition is my third. This is the 2012 edition of the annual Wempe100 series, made for German retailer Wempe.

Nomos Ludwig Oberlehrer “chalkboard”

I put in my order very soon after hearing about it, so this is one of the first delivered, with a single digit serial number. The truth is this is an extremely discreet watch. The case is only 35 mm and the chalkboard dial is very subtle. Only up close is the fuzzy chalk-like printing evident. At arm’s length the dial looks like a regular black dial. 

This is Nomos’ Ludwig case, which is more rounded than the signature Tangente. Inside is a Peseux 7001 based calibre that is now made in-house by Nomos. It can’t be seen, however, as the press-fit case back is solid.

The small size of the case is a shame though. A slightly larger case would give it more wrist presence and also appeal to many more people.

Amusing as it is, the novelty of this watch will probably wear off after a while, especially since the case is so small. I also have a Tangomat, which is automatic and has a date function, making it much more practical.

But for EUR1040 (including German VAT), this is a great buy.

– SJX 

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