Up close with the Urwerk UR-110 ZrN

First seen in steel earlier this year, the latest version of the Urwerk UR-110 Torpedo is the UR-110 ZrN. This is a steel UR-110 PVD coated with zirconium nitride, a hard ceramic coating that has a pale gold colour.

The contrast of the pale gold top late with the black coated titanium base somehow makes the watch seem slimmer than the steel UR-110.

And the colour gives this a tamer look than the other 2011 novelty, the menacing looking UR-1001 Zeit Device pocket watch.

The texture of the zirconium nitride coating is very interesting in detail. Though it looks smooth and refined from afar, up close the coating has a coarse grain that resembles stone.

Although very attractive, the UR-110 ZrN is a significant premium, almost 50%, over the steel UR-110. That is a challenging price. 12 pieces of the UR-110 ZrN will be made, with the serial number indicated by the red hour numeral. So for example watch number 01/12 will have a red “1” hour numeral, as pictured below. – SJX

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