Philippe Rochat in Singapore

Mr Rochat preparing dinner for Hublot in Singapore

Last week Michelin-starred Swiss chef Philippe Rochat, regarded by some as the best chef in Switzerland, was in Singapore to cook for several clients, including Hublot. Along with Mr Rochat, some twenty members of his restaurant staff, along with ingredients for all the meals, were flown in Singapore for a spectacular meal.

During the dinner Hublot unveiled the Big Bang Black Caviar Carat, which is the Black Caviar watch set with baguette diamonds on the bezel. There is some irony in this watch for the Black Caviar has a case and bezel of polished, facetted black ceramic that resembles black diamonds. Mr Rochat is good friends with Jean-Claude Biver of Hublot, so naturally Mr Biver’s famous La Neuvaz cheese was served at the dinner. Throughout my repeated trips to Switzerland I had always wanted to dine at his restaurant but never had the chance, now I am exceptionally glad I did. Mr Rochat, whose Restaurant de L’Hôtel de Ville is in Crisser, Lausanne, will be retiring in April 2012. He will be succeeded by Benoît Violier. – SJX

Hublot Big Bang Black Caviar Carat
From left: Ricardo Guadalupe, Managing Director of Hublot; Philippe Rochat and Dr Henry Tay of The Hour Glass

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