Up Close with the Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve

Made by Seiko's exceptional high horology workshop, the Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve is a hand-finished masterpiece comparable to the landmark Eichi.

Seiko Introduces PADI Special Edition Dive Watches, Including “Pepsi” 6309 Remake

To mark its newly minted partnership with PADI, Seiko has unveiled a pair of special edition dive watches, a Kinetic GMT Diver and Prospex Automatic Dive "Pepsi". Specs and pricing below.

Hands-On with the Seiko 5 Military Red Dial Amazon Edition – Yes, the Online Bookseller (with Original Photos & Price)

One of the best value propositions the watch world, the Seiko 5 Military is now available with a red dial as a special edition for internet retailer Amazon.

Face Off: Seiko Credor Eichi I vs Eichi II

One of the finest finished wristwatches in the world, the Seiko Credor Eichi is now in its second generation. While the familial resemblance is clear, many small but significant differences exist between the Eichi I and II. I explore them here.

Seiko Marinemaster “Tuna” Diver Survives Pacific Ocean Plunge – To Depth Of 4299 Metres

In late 2014 Seiko together with Japanese marine research agency JAMSTEC conducted an extraordinary real world test of its Marinemaster dive watches, strapping them to a deep sea submersible that plunged into the depths of the Pacific.

A Detailed Look At The Seiko Credor Eichi II – The Pinnacle Of Japanese Watchmaking

The Seiko Eichi II is perhaps the ultimate in Japanese watchmaking, a delicately simple timepiece executed with an exceptional devotion to quality and refinement. As movement finishing goes, the Eichi II is up there with the greats.

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