Introducing the Micro-Miniature Sculptures of Sergey Teterin

Small enough to fit on the head of a needle - or inside an hour marker on a watch dial.

Based in Ukraine, Sergey Teterin is an artist on a microscopic scale. Using a fine-tipped burin, he sculpts minuscule bits of solid gold into sculptures measuring a fraction of a millimetre in size.

Requiring two to three weeks apiece to complete, the 36-year-old’s sculptures are small enough to fit in the head of a needle. Viewed from arm’s length, on the other hand, they are practically invisible.

A micro miniature sans magnification sitting on ruled paper

Sergey Teterin Micro miniature sculpture 2

Sergey Teterin Micro miniature sculpture 5

Sergey Teterin Micro miniature sculpture 8

Rich men can now enter heaven with ease

While his work is now mainly sculptural, having done several exhibitions in his native land, Mr Teterin has experimented with micro miniatures as hour markers on a Soviet-era wristwatch. The sportsmen figures are painted on disc-shaped markers, but their equipment are micro miniature sculptures.

Sergey Teterin Micro miniature sculpture 4

Sergey Teterin Micro miniature sculpture 7

His work is available direct from him via Facebook.

Update October 15, 2019: Edited to remove out-of-date prices.

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