Introducing the Urwerk x Laurent Ferrier Arpal One for Only Watch 2017

Two brilliant watchmakers work together to create a sleek, streamlined wristwatch inspired by 1930s automobiles.

Both prominent names in independent watchmaking but with drastically different styles, Urwerk and Laurent Ferrier have come together to create the Arpal One, a unique wristwatch for charity auction Only Watch 2017. While Urwerk is known for its avant-garde timepieces – that even Iron Man wears in his latest film – Laurent Ferrier’s timepieces are rely heavily on classical watchmaking of the early and mid-2oth century.

Evoking the polished UR-103.01, one of the earliest Urwerk wristwatches, the Arpal One is essentially an Urwerk designed by Laurent Ferrier, so it has rotating satellite wandering hours display that’s an Urwerk signature (and found in the UR-105), but the case is a sleek construction reminiscent of classic cars; Ferrier himself was once a racing driver who took part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1979.

Urwerk Laurent Ferrier Only Watch 2017 1

From left: Laurent Ferrier, together with Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei of Urwerk

Made of Arpal+, an 18k gold alloy that’s harder than ordinary white gold and even steel, the streamlined case of the Arpal One evoke the Laurent Ferrier Galet wristwatch, which is characterised by elegant, rounded forms inspired by a galet, French for pebble.

Urwerk Laurent Ferrier Only Watch 2017 2

To match the mirror polished case, the time display track is a matte grey, while the thermoplastic cover for the satellites is dark grey and covered with a hobnail pattern.

Urwerk Laurent Ferrier Only Watch 2017 5

The UR5.03 movement inside is self-winding with a 48-hour power reserve, while the case measures 40.9mm wide and 60.8mm long, making it larger and longer than the UR-105.

The Arpal One will be sold at auction on November 11, 2017 at Christie’s in Geneva, alongside the four dozen other unique watches created for Only Watch 2017.


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