Nomos Introduces the Neomatik in Midnight Blue

The extra-thin Nomos neomatik is now available in deep, dark blue.

Four versions of the Nomos neomatik are now available with nachtblau, which translates as “night blue”.

First introduced last year with silver or champagne dials with touches of bright colour, the neomatik sticks to the same formula with the nachtblau series, all of which feature dark blue dials with orange, green and rose gold accents. And just like the rest of the neomatik line, the nachtblau watches are powered by the DUW3001, an in-house automatic movement that’s a compact 3.2mm in height.

Nomos Neomatik Nachtblau 1

The most affordable of the range is the Tangente neomatik nachtblau (ref. 177), arguably the quintessential Nomos design. Stainless steel and 35mm in diameter, the Tangente is designed according to the principles of Deutscher Werkbund, an early 20th century German design school. It’s priced at US$3580 or S$4510.

Nomos Neomatik Tangente Nachtblau

Slightly more modern in style is the Metro neomatik nachtblau (ref. 1110). Also 35mm in diameter but appearing smaller due to the wire lugs, the Metro is characterised by spherical hour markers. The Metro neomatik nachtblau carries a price of US$3960 or S$5020.

Nomos Metro Neomatik Nachtblau 1

Another of Nomos’ more recent designs, the Minimatik is 35.5mm in diameter with prominent Arabic hour numerals in rose gold print. The Minimatik neomatik nachtblau (ref. 1205) is US$3580 or S$4840.

Nomos Minimatik Neomatik Nachtblau 1

And the only square watch in the Nomos collection is also available in dark blue. First introduced at Baselworld 2016, the new Tetra is now a larger 33mm by 33mm in size. The Tetra neomatik nachtblau (ref. 422) is US$3980 or S$5060.

Nomos Tetra Neomatik Nachtblau

All models of the neomatik nachtblau will be available starting October 1 from Nomos retailers.

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