Introducing the Hautlence Labyrinth, a Board Game for the Wrist That Doesn’t Tell Time

Hautlence unveils an inevitably controversial board game for the wrist featuring a tiny, solid gold maze along with a platinum ball.

Inspired by ball-in-a-maze puzzles that require the player to manoeuvre a tiny sphere across a labyrinth into a goal, the Hautlence Labyrinth shrinks the game and puts it on the wrist, executed in solid gold and platinum. Behind the maze is a crown-activated mechanism that raises the ball back into the labyrinth. The labyrinth puzzle is contained inside a 43.5 mm wide watch case in titanium, the same case used for the trademark Hautlence HL01. Made of either white or red gold, the maze has a brushed finish on the top of the walls, with polished bevels all along the corridors. The single ball is made of platinum.

Hautlence Labyrinth 02

Once the ball drops into either hole at six o’clock, a nine-jewel mechanism visible through the display back returns the ball back to the maze. Conceived as the first of a series of wrist-borne board games, the Labyrinth is limited to 18 pieces each in red or white gold. This toy will certainly be contentious, especially for traditionalists, and it will cost SFr12,000 before taxes, equivalent to about US$12,000.

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