Introducing the Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark Nova (with Pricing)

Featuring a dial illuminated with both tritium gas tubes and Super-Luminova, the  Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark Nova takes nighttime legibility seriously. 

The latest version of the tough watch Luminox supplied to the US Navy SEALs in the 1990s is the Navy SEAL Colormark Nova. Affordable and no-nonsense, the Navy SEAL Colormark Nova is offered five different colours, equipped with a dial that glows exceptionally brightly in the dark, thanks to both tritium gas filled vials and Super-Luminova. Tiny glass vials filled with tritium gas are fitted to the chapter ring, hands and 12 o’clock market on the bezel. These glow in the dark all the time, because of the radioactivity of tritium.  The tritium gas vials at 12 o’clock and at the five minute markers from one to four o’clock glow in different colours from the rest, so that the watch can be used to mark the elapsed time during a dive, even in murky or dark waters.

The hour markers on the dial, on the other hand, are painted with Super-Luminova, a non-radioactive substance that requires charging with light. Exposed to sufficient light – the light excites the particles in the Super-Luminova – the lume a will glow for hours in the dark. The Colormark Nova is 44mm in diameter, with the case made from carbon-reinforced polymer, a light and hard composite material. Each watch is accompanied by a black rubber strap.

For a limited period after the launch in November 2015, Navy SEAL Colormark Nova will be packaged in a waterproof Pelican case along with an extra canvas “Zulu” strap to match the dial colour.

The Navy SEAL Colormark Nova is priced at S$595 before taxes, equivalent to US$417.

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