Introducing the Ultimate in Illumination, the Self-Positioning, $60,000 Anodos RAL 9000 Robotic Desk Lamp (with Video)

Possibly the most advanced lighting device ever, the RAL 9000 is a stainless steel, self-positioning LED lamp equipped with sensors, cameras and a motor, made by Japanese electronics firm Anodos.

A Tokyo-based manufacturer of high-end electronics (its offerings include a device that measures calories and alcoholic content of beverages), Anodos‘ latest creation is something watch geeks will appreciate. A perfect blend of Star Wars and magnificent engineering, the RAL 9000 is almost preposterous. A desk lamp with a mechanical arm, it’s powered by motor and several servos that position the head.  It can be controlled via a smartphone (or maybe a smart watch one day), but six integrated cameras as well as sensors mean it can also position itself automatically. Made entirely of polished steel, this luminescent mechanical sculpture is priced at about US$60,000. The video below shows just how cool it is. Source: Masayuki Hirota of Chronos Japan magazine

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