Introducing The Patek Philippe 175th Anniversary London 2015 Limited Editions (With Pricing)

Continuing its 175th anniversary celebrations, Patek Philippe recently unveiled a collection of limited edition timepieces for its boutique in London, ranging from officer's case wristwatches to one of a kind, enamelled Dome Clocks.

Patek Philippe‘s 175th anniversary year started in October 2014 with the introduction of the main anniversary collection of watches that included the SFr2.5 million Grandmaster Chime. In addition to that anniversary collection, Patek Philippe is also introducing smaller runs of limited editions, like the London 2015 collection made specially for the London salon, only one of three stores globally that Patek Philippe itself owns (the rest are joint ventures with local retailers).

The signature timepieces of the London 2015 collection are the officer’s case limited editions, comprising five models from a basic time-only Calatrava to the Grand Complication ref. 5213G.

All five officer’s case editions are variants of existing models, and share the same case style, featuring a hinged back engraved with the London 2015 logo and screwed lug bars. And the dials that bear Breguet-style numerals and hands along with a railway minute track.

The entry-level officer’s case watch is the Calatrava Ref. 5153G-012 in white gold, with a silver dial featuring applied black gold Breguet numerals. Limited to 80 pieces with a price of £26,300 (all prices shown include tax).

Also in white gold is the ref. 5159-012 perpetual calendar with retrograde date. Again this has Breguet numerals and hands, but the numerals are printed on the silver dial. Only 80 of this will be made, each priced at £69,120.

The top of the line wristwatch is the ref. 5213G-012, a Grand Complication featuring a minute repeater and perpetual calendar with retrograde date. Limited to just 10 pieces, this has a silver dial with printed numerals. It will set you back £482,200.

And the last two officer’s case timepieces are a pair of ladies’ watches in rose gold, which paradoxically are the closest in terms of design to classic men’s wristwatches. The first is the ref. 7000R-011, a minute repeater with a compact 33.7mm diameter case (that’s descended from the original, modern era Patek Philippe repeater wristwatch, the ref. 3939). Only three will be made, with a price of £281,300.

And limited to 80 pieces is the ref. 7200R-0110, a time-only Calatrava wristwatch with a 34.6mm case containing the self-winding calibre 240. The price is £21,490.

Also part of the London 2015 collection are a pair of Calatrava wristwatches with enamel dials. The first is the ref. 5089G-041, depicting the Houses of Parliament at Westminster in cloisonné enamel, while the second is the ref. 5089G-040 (pictured below). This has a dial made with the grisaille enamel technique, which is essentially a disc of black enamel that has been painted and engraved to create a starkly monochromatic image. Both enamel Calatravas are limited to just 10 pieces each.

And the last three timepieces presented are all one of a kind. The first is the Tudor Rose ref. 9921J pocket watch in yellow gold, with an enamelled Tudor rose on the case.

The next is the Dome Clock ref. 20017M-001 “View of London”, decorated with the cities most famous buildings – the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and Big Ben – in grisaille enamel.

The second Dome Clock is the ref. 20016M-001 “Roses of London”, covered in cloisonne enamel depicting roses, a motif inspired by quintessentially English porcelain tea service.

And in addition to the publicly announced London 2015 collection, Patek Philippe also revealed a series of limited editions that are essentially reissues of discontinued timepieces like the refs. 3940, 3970, 5050, 5059, 5070 and 5970. These were not widely publicised, but Tim Barber over at SalonQP has photos of them.

The London 2015 timepieces are only available from the Patek Philippe Salon in London, located at 16 New Bond Street, London W1S 3SU, United Kingdom (Tel. +44 207 493 88 66).

Update July 2, 2015: Prices for the wristwatches added.

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