Introducing The Nomos Minimatik Extra-Thin Automatic With The New DUW 3001 Movement (With Pricing)

To go with its newly developed DUW 3001 extra-thin automatic movement Nomos has designed a new wristwatch, the Minimatik. It’s a departure from the typical Nomos look, but still pleasingly minimalist.

Newly unveiled at Baselworld 2015, the Nomos Minimatik is different from the typical Nomos designed in the Deutscher Werkbund style, but still sparsely designed as is the brand’s habit. It is fitted with a new movement, the DUW 3001 automatic that measures just 3.2 mm high. The 3.2 mm height of the DUW 3001 puts Nomos in good company, with ultra-thin movements from brands like Jaeger-LeCoultre and Piaget that are usually 2 to 3 mm high. Despite its slimness the DUW 3001 movement has a full rotor that winds in both directions (many ultra-thin movements have micro-rotors) and respectable 42 hour power reserve. It also has a free-sprung balance wheel with the in-house swing system escapement that Nomos introduced last year.

And it is fitted with a full balance bridge that’s secured on both sides of the balance wheel, rather than the more common balance cock that’s anchored only on one side. This improves the stability of the balance, and is useful in very thin movements.

The Minimatik features a case with rounded elements, a contrast to the angular lines of the quintessential Nomos Tangente. It’s matched with a dial featuring red and blue accents, again a departure from the monochromatic look that Nomos favours.

Nomos cites the Minimatik as a ladies watch, but it is comfortably unisex, since Nomos’ men’s watches are similarly sized at 35.5 mm. The entire watch measures just 8.6 mm high.

The Minimatik is priced at US$4060 and will be available in fall 2015.

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