Introducing the Nomos Lambda Timeless Edition

In rose gold and blue.

Created to mark the 8th anniversary of American retailer Timeless Luxury Watches, the Lambda Timeless Edition is unusual, being a limited run of the top of the line Nomos timepiece.

First launched in 2013, the Lambda and Lux are powered by elaborately decorated movements unique to the line. Being significantly pricier than the average Nomos, only limited numbers are made, and they are rarely used as the base for a limited edition.

The Lambda Timeless Edition is based on the Lambda 39mm, but with an 18k rose gold case and dark blue dial with copper-toned print to match the case.

Nomos Lambda Timeless Edition 2

Beyond the colour, the dial has two elements unique to this edition. One is the English text on the dial, replacing the traditionally German labels. The other are the eight red dots, signifying eight years, on the power reserve display, instead of the usual six.

Nomos Lambda DUW 1001

The DUW 1001 in the stock Lambda

The movement inside is the DUW 1001, just like that in the standard Lambda. It’s decorated with radial ribbing on the three-quarter plate, and features a hand-engraved balance cock as well as several jewels set in screwed gold chatons.

Price and availability 

The Lambda Timeless Edition is a limited edition of eight watches, priced at US$17,000. That’s identical to the retail on the ordinary version of the watch. It’s available only from Timeless Luxury Watches.


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