Introducing The Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite, A Travel Watch With 37 Time Zones (With Specs And Price)

Glashütte Original introduces an all encompassing travel watch with the Senator Cosmopolite, covering 37 time zones and accounting for daylight saving time, packaged in a 44 mm gold case with a classically styled dial.

Three years ago Glashütte Original introduced the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon, a €325,000 travel watch with a tourbillon, perpetual calendar and dual time zone. Now the first two complications have been removed to create the Senator Cosmopolite, a dual time zone watch that covers all of the world’s 37 time zones and even accounts for summer time, and is also much more affordable. The Senator Cosmopolite displays local time on the main hands, while home time is shown on the sub-dial at 12 o’clock. A day and night indicator at nine o’clock is synced with home time.

Two windows at eight o’clock show time zones denoted by IATA airport codes, for instance MEX refers to Mexico City International Airport, while JFK means John F. Kennedy airport in New York City. The upper window is for daylight savings time, and the lower one is for standard time. So the display below shows the time in Mexico City during when summer time is in effect, and the time in New York City.

To allow easy distinction between standard one hour offset time zones and all the others, the time zone city codes are in black text for the standard 24 time zones in the world. For the 10 time zones offset by 30 minutes they are in blue. And for the last three time zones offset by 15 or 45 minutes, the IATA code is in red. 

Local time is set via the crown at four o’clock. Turning it counter-clockwise turns the hands backwards, for a traveller going West. For a traveller going in the other direction the setting is reversed. The big date moves backwards or forwards together with the local time display. The dial also has a big date display at four o’clock, along with a power reserve display integrated into the home time sub-dial. A new calibre 89-02 was developed for this movement, building on the mechanism developed for the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon. Self-winding with a three day power reserve, the movement comprises 430 parts, more than a conventional chronograph or perpetual calendar. It’s constructed in typical Glashütte style with a three quarter plate and engraved balance cock. The rotor is rimmed with a 21 ct. gold weight.

The case measures is 44 mm in diameter, and is only available in gold. In white gold it costs €38,000 or 70,200 Singapore dollars. And in red gold the price is €36,500 or 67,400 Singapore dollars. There is no steel model available yet.

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