VIDEO: “Invenit et Fecit” – A Documentary On F.P. Journe

A documentary exploring the work and creations of François-Paul Journe, Invenit et Fecit recently made its premiere online. The half hour video is a peek into one of the most brilliant minds in modern watchmaking.

Taking its title from F.P. Journe‘s motto, Invenit et Fecit – “invented and made by” in English – is a look at both the timepieces and personality of François-Paul Journe. It includes lengthy but fascinating conversations with the man himself, as well as with several of his friends, who are inevitably dedicated F.P. Journe collectors. Some revealing anecdotes come out of these interviews; one of his friends notes that Journe is shy, rather than arrogant, while another mentions the teppanyaki grill in Journe’s home. One of the most intriguing segments of the documentary comes near the end, when Journe reveals one of the projects he is working on is a watch with multiple complications, including astronomical indications. Directed and produced by J. Wang, a Chinese watch journalist, Invenit et Fecit was shot during Baselworld 2014 and took several months to complete. It is well produced, though it has some errors in the subtitles and editing. But it is well worth watching.

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