News: Cartier Tank MC Skeleton in palladium – the first skeleton Tank with in-house calibre

The newest guise for the Cartier Fine Watchmaking skeleton watch is the Tank MC Skeleton. It is equipped with the 9611 MC and a palladium case.

Now the signature timepiece in Cartier’s Fine Watchmaking collection, the cal. 9611 MC has open-worked bridges in the form of Roman numerals. But it was only available in the Santos 100 or Santos Dumont case, until now, with the introduction of the new Tank MC skeleton in palladium.

Cartier’st newest Tank case form, the Tank MC – for “Manufacture Cartier – is more squarish than its rectangular predecessors. 

Housed in a similar Tank MC case as the new, entry level Tank MC automatic, the Tank MC Skeleton measures 43.9 mm long by 39.1 mm wide, making it a bit shorter and wider than the automatic. That’s because the movement is essentially a square. And it stands 9.3 mm high, slightly slimmer than its automatic counterpart.

The movement is hand-wound with double barrels and a 72 hour power reserve, which are identical specs to the 1904 MC automatic movement. That’s because the 9611 MC skeleton movement shares some of the basic architecture with the 1904 MC.

The identical 9611 MC of the Santos 100 Skeleton 

Like the other Fine Watchmaking skeleton timepieces, the Tank MC will be individually numbered on the movement, but is not a limited edition. 

Pricing has yet to be announced, but the Santos 100 Skeleton in palladium retails for US$61,500 and the Santos Dumont Skeleton in white gold US$53,500, so expect the Tank MC Skeleton to be in between the two.


The one that started it all, the Santos 100 Skeleton in palladium
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