In stores: Longines Avigation Watch Type A-7 (with pricing)

The A-7 dial was set at an angle, so that it could be read while the watch was worn on the inside of the wrist without letting go of the controls.

Military watches play an well known role in the brand’s history, one of them being the A-7 aviator’s watch developed for the US Army in the thirties. Last year at Baselworld 2012 Longines unveiled the Avigation Watch Type A-7. This is a fairly authentic remake of the original A-7, save for the obtrusive date window (which Longines has a habit of inflicting on all its vintage remakes).

The Avigation Watch Type A-7 has a 49 mm steel with the L788 calibre inside. Based on the ETA A08 chronograph movement, itself derived from the Valjoux 7750, the L788 is upgraded so it has a column wheel instead of a cam, as well as a single button for start, stop and reset.

This retails for S$7160 including 7% tax in Singapore, and US$4900 in the USA. – SJX

The schematic for the original A-7 of the thirties made for the US Army
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