Examining The Exceptional Patina Of A Panerai Bronzo PAM382

Laurent Picciotto, the inimitable owner of Paris retailer Chronopassion, kindly allowed me to post a photo of his Panerai Submersible PAM 382 Bronzo. According to Laurent, this is the result of a mere ten days of swimming and kite surfing in the Caribbean. As you can see, the bronze alloy has developed an exceptional patina. Compare this well worn Bronzo with a month old Bronzo that has been worn regularly to the office, and the Bronzo prototype from 2011. The drastic differences in the alloy due to different environments are obvious. Thanks to Laurent for sharing this photo. And for those heading to Paris, Chronopassion on 271 rue Saint-Honoré is well worth a visit. It is a smallish store but incredibly well stocked, especially with outstanding pieces from avant-garde independents. – SJX 

Panerai PAM00382 Bronzo owned by Laurent Picciotto
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