JLC Deep Sea chrono – A lack of creativity?

JLC Deep Sea Vintage Chronograph

In another of its numerous SIHH 2012 previews, Jaeger-LeCoultre has revealed the Deep Sea Vintage Chronograph containing the automatic 751G calibre. Visually it is very similar to last year’s Memovox Deep Sea Alarm, which sold nicely.

The 40.5 mm Deep Sea chronograph is not a remake of a vintage watch like the Deep Sea Alarm was, but rather a vintage looking watch. Neither is it a limited edition.

While it is attractive, I find the Deep Sea Chronograph uninspired. It is too soon after and too similar to the Deep Sea Alarm. You can have too much of a good thing.

JLC is good at many things, exceptional at some, but this just strikes me as an attempt to keep up the momentum after the Deep Sea Alarm.

– SJX 

The 2011 JLC Deep Sea Alarm
JLC Deep Sea Alarm US edition
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