Appealing to the fairer sex with Chanel’s almost secret tourbillon

Unlike the just unveiled Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 3, the new Chanel Première Flying Tourbillon “beats away discreetly and almost secretly” according to the press release. That’s because the tourbillon cage topped by a camelia flower that hides most of it. The rest of the watch is less discreet however, the case is white gold with 7.2 carats of diamonds and a glossy black ceramic dial.  

Chanel Première Flying Tourbillon

Though the movement is by Renaud & Papi, a simple flying tourbillon like this would be tough to sell to a collector, most of whom are male and have been inundated with tourbillons in the last five years. But this tourbillon is targeted squarely at ladies, which changes things.

The press release is much less discreet than the watch in that respect. I quote, “Chanel offers women the opportunity to enter into the world of high mechanical complications” and “this feminine incursion into the universe of watchmaking complexity”.  Because of the underdeveloped segment of ladies high complications, and that fact that it is a Chanel, I am sure it’ll sell pretty well. – SJX 

Beating discreetly and almost secretly

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