The Hamilton Pan Europ chronograph is hitting dealers

Hamilton Pan Europ Limited edition of 1971 pieces

A remake of the 1971 Hamilton Pan Europ Chronomatic was launched at Baselworld and I wrote about it when I saw the prototype. The post was surprisingly popular with several thousand hits; the Pan Europ chronograph (a limited edition  of 1971 pieces) is perfectly in tune with the trend of re-edition watches.  Now the Pan Europ chronograph is just hitting dealers and I just saw one of the first pieces, pictured here.  I have ordered one and will hopefully receive it soon. I foresee this watch will be a hit, even with those who do not find the rest of the Hamilton line-up appealing.

I liked the prototype tremendously when I saw it and my opinion remains the same with the production piece. It is a authentic (though not 100% accurate) remake. On the wrist it looks good; the metallic blue dial is attractive and the overall design is distinctive. Pricing is also reasonable at S$2520 in Singapore (about USD2100). The movement is the Hamilton H31 which is an improved Valjoux 7750 with a 60 hour power reserve, instead of the typical 42. Fit and finish is sufficient for a watch of this price; the case and dial are quite well done. But the appeal of this watch is neither complication nor finishing. The embossed faux crocodile strap is awful though, I can think of so many better options. Update Oct 2011: The Pan Europ I ordered has arrived and I am very pleased with it. – SJX

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