Timeout for Time – an exhibition of Meissen porcelain timekeepers

Zeit Auszeit (Timeout for Time) is an exhibition of Meissen porcelain timekeepers at the Meissen factory in Meissen, a short drive from Dresden. Running till 28 February 2012, the exhibition showcases 25 timepieces in Meissen porcelain, mostly clocks from the 19th century to the modern age, as well as a pair of Glashütte Original watches. Because Meissen has kept the moulds of every single design ever produced, the clocks below have two dates – the first is the date of the mould while the latter is the date of the production of the piece is question. Even today the Meissen catalogue contains some items that were originally design centuries ago. Visiting the Meissen porcelain factory – the oldest porcelain works in Europe founded in 1710 – is worth the trip and this exhibition is a bonus. Many thanks to Glashütte Original for arranging this visit. – SJX

Clock with Diana, 1740, c. 1924
Clock “Poland”, 1744, c. 1850-1900
Clock with birds, 1746, c. 1850-1900
Clock “The Four Elements”, 1750-1760, c. 1930
Clock with allegoric figures, 1748, c. 1850-1900
Pocket watch holder, 1747, c. 1850-1900
Close-up of pocket watch holder that reminds one of the passing of time
Clock with pigeons, 1776, c. 1850-1900
Clock with inkstand, 1770, c. 1924-1934

Clock “Allegory of the Arts”, 1886, c. 1886-1924
Clock “The Hunt”, 1843, c. 1924-1934
Clock with reading Amor, 1850, c. 1950
Clock in Neo-Renaissance style, 1884, c. 1886-1924
Close-up of above
Clock with muses “Thalia and Melpomene”, 1870-1890, c. 1870-1924
Clock with urn, 1870-1890, c. 1870-1924
Clock with Flora, 1897, c. 1924-1934
Close-up of above
Clock with relief, 1909, c. 1909-1924


Clock “Future”, 1904, c. 1904-1924
Close-up of “Future”
Clock with lovers, 1904, c. 1950


Clock with dancing couple, 1905, c. 1905-1924
Close-up of dancing couple
Clock with flower application and oriental-style decor, 1916, c. 1916-1924
Clock carried by two putti, 1920, c. 1920-1924


Clock with bridal couple and almond tree, 1981, c. post-1981
Putto with flute and clock, 1940, c. 1950
Glashütte Original Julius Assman, c. 1999
Glashütte Original ladies Meissen on left
Meissen dial of limited edition for Singapore by Glashütte Original
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