Fiona Krüger Introduces the Petite Skull, Mechanical Memento Mori for the Wrist

Fiona Krüger presents a smaller, sleeker version of her trademark skull-shaped wristwatch with Petite Skull, featuring an elaborate guilloche dial. Specs and price follow below.

A Scottish designer who studied in Switzerland, Fiona Krüger’s watches developed out of her postgraduate project. Inspired by mementos mori in art, including a skull-shaped timepiece owned by the luckless Mary Queen of Scots, Krüger’s first timepiece was an oversized skull-shaped timepiece. She’ll soon launch the followup to that at Baselworld 2016, the Petite Skull.

About 15 percent smaller than the first model, the Petite Skull is still sizeable at 34.5 mm in diameter and 48 mm long. The case is stainless steel, with a porthole on the back revealing part of the skeletonised Soprod A10 movement, a robust, self-winding calibre.

The dial is brass and elaborately decorated with several engine-turned patterns. Three dial versions are available, black, blue or white, and each is decorated differently. A cutout for the eye of the skull at three o’clock reveals the endstone of the balance wheel.

Smile – it’s perlage

Each Petite Skull version is limited to 18 pieces, with a price of SFr13,000 before taxes, equivalent to US$13,000.

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