Baselworld 2013: Voutilainen 28 Sarasamon with maki-e dial

Kari Voutilainen recently announced a unique version of his 28 with a maki-e dial made by Kitamura Tatsuo.

Kitamura Tatsuo, who signs his work Unryuan, is created this unique Japanese lacquer dial for Voutilainen. Made with gold dust, gold leaf as well as various types of iridescent shell, the dial took several months to complete. Decorated with a contemporary motif, the dial requires many tedious processes to finish, including filling up engraved channels with gold dust, applying tiny bits of shell by hand, as well as lacquering and polishing multiple times. The yellow gold case is 37 mm, and inside is Voutilainen’s own cal. 28 movement. – SJX

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