Introducing the: Zenith Aeronef Type 20 in DLC for Monaco retailer Zegg & Cerlati

Zenith recently announced a five piece limited edition of the Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 for Monte Carlo retailer Zegg & Cerlati. The case of this Monaco edition is titanium with black DLC coating (the regular, 250 piece version is just plain titanium), and the dial has orange accents as well as the Zegg & Cerlati logo – I wish they would do without the logo though.

Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aéronef type 20 Zegg & Cerlati

A brand that has been alternately neglected and on a pharmaceutical high, Zenith is now making a comeback with well priced and sensible watches, exemplified by the Captain Winsor Annual Calendar. The Aeronef Type 20 is practically unwearable at 57.5 mm, but it does have the amazing 5011K observatory chronometer movement.

Zenith calibre 5011K

And unusually for a Zenith the commercial reaction to this has been strong, with all the 250 pieces of the regular edition already sold out. Notably, Arnold Schwarzenegger bought two of them, one in titanium and another in rose gold. – SJX

The 250 piece Aéronef Type 20 in titanium
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