Introducing the Grand Seiko GMT 10th anniversary editions (with specs and pricing)

Seiko unveils a pair of limited editions to mark a decade of the Grand Seiko GMT.

The Grand Seiko GMT marks its 10th anniversary this year. The first two Grand Seiko GMT models were the SBGM001 and SBGM003 (I own the latter). Fittingly the two limited editions to mark this occasion, the SBGM029 and SBGM031, are the upgraded versions of the SBGM001 and SBGM003 respectively.

Both of the limited editions have blue dials and rotors. Grand Seiko watches are bastions of conservative Japanese design, but the blue dial and gold GMT hands give them a bit of flair.

Notably they have display backs which show the blue titanium and tungsten rotor. I never expected a cool rotor like that inside a staid GS. The calibre is the same 9S66 with 72 hour power reserve in both watches.

Grand Seiko 9S66

That is the most tangible upgrade, the original GS GMT 9S56 calibre had only 48 hour power reserve. But there are other unseen upgrades like the skeletonised escape wheel and pallet fork. Both have steel cases. The SBGM029 on bracelet is 39.2 mm in diameter while the SBGM031 on strap is 39.6 mm wide. They might seem small but the size wears perfectly. My 130th anniversary GS in steel is only 35 mm but it wears well.

The SBGM029 is limited to 700 pieces and will retail for EUR6600, while the SBGM031 on strap is limited to 1000 pieces and will retail for EUR6300.

I like the look of these two. I guess it won’t hurt to own another Grand Seiko.


Grand Seiko GMT 10th Anniversary SBGM031
Grand Seiko 10th Anniversary SBGM029


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