Hands-On With The Lange Datograph in platinum – the best chronograph today?

Lange just replaced the legendary Datograph with the Datograph Up and Down to be unveiled at SIHH 2012. So here are some photos of the original Datograph, especially of the magnificent calibre L951.1 inside.

Obviously designed to be beautiful to behold, the Datograph movement is so vivid and richly coloured, with wonderful details scattered throughout, it is like a miniature city. (On that topic, the Double Split isn’t too shabby either.)

I am glad Lange updated the Datograph, I am of the opinion it has been in production too long.

From a brand equity perspective, 12 years is too long for a luxury watch to be in production, unchanged, especially in today’s climate of quick product cycles.

But nevertheless the original Datograph remains a seminal watch that was remarkable in its time.

Enjoy the photos!


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