Casio Has Just Sold the 100th Millionth G-Shock

Making it the bestselling watch model in history.

Introducing the Casio G-Shock MR-G Indigo Hammer Tone Kasumi-Tsuchime

The third instalment in the top of the line G-Shock series decorated with an ancient Japanese craft.

Casio Introduces Protrek Smartwatch Tested to US Military Standards

Built with maximum ruggedness for the great outdoors.

Introducing the Casio G-Shock MR-G Gold Hammer Tone, Where Cutting Edge Tech Meets Hand-Crafted Bling

The top of the line G-Shock is now available with a gilded, hand-hammered finish.

Five Must-Know G-Shock Facts From Its Inventor, Kikuo Ibe

The creator of the G-Shock explains his landmark wristwatch, including how it was originally designed for construction workers.

A Detailed Look at the G-Shock MR-G 20th Anniversary “Hammer Tone”

The most expensive G-Shock in the line-up, the MR-G 20th Anniversary "Hammer Tone" also relies on traditional Japanese metalworking for its case decoration, blending old and new.

Introducing the Casio “G-Shock x The Majulah” Singapore Edition

Made for Singapore's 51st National Day, the all-black "G-Shock x The Majulah" will be sold only in the city state.

Introducing the G-Shock MR-G 20th Anniversary in Hand-Hammered Titanium

Casio combines cutting edge technology with traditional Japanese metalworking in the US$6200 MR-G 20th Anniversary "Hammer Tone".

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